WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results 1/22/18
WWE RAW Results (RAW 25th Anniversary)
January 22, 2018

Brooklyn, New York and New York City, New York
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

Live coverage of WWE’s RAW 25th Anniversary will begin at 8:00 p.m. ET (7:00 CT).

As reported earlier, WWE will broadcast from two different locations in New York including the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the Manhattan Center in New York City.

Already advertised for the show is Roman Reigns defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against The Miz and appearances by Smackdown Live talent.

Here is the huge list of legends and current talent scheduled for the show tonight:

* Stone Cold Steve Austin
* The Undertaker
* Ric Flair
* D-Generation X
* The New Age Outlaws
* John Cena
* WWE Champion AJ Styles
* Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos
* The New Day
* Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair
* Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan
* Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon
* The APA
* The Dudley Boyz
* The Bella Twins
* Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler
* Eric Bischoff
* Jeff Hardy
* Christian
* Mark Henry
* Scott Hall
* X-Pac
* Chris Jericho
* Ted DiBiase
* Sgt. Slaughter
* Trish Stratus
* Torrie Wilson
* Michelle McCool
* Jacqueline
* Terri Runnels
* Kelly Kelly
* Maria Kanellis
* Brother Love aka Bruce Prichard
* The Godfather
* The Brooklyn Brawler
* The Boogeyman
* Teddy Long
* John Laurinaitis
* NXT GM William Regal
* Howard Finkel
* Harvey Wippleman
* “Mean” Gene Okerlund
* Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman
* Lillian Garcia

As always, Wrestleview.com will have live coverage tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET (7:00 CT).

Wrestleview Live will also return after RAW 25 goes off the air with Adam Martin and special guest Paul Nemer (Owner/Webmaster of Wrestleview.com) to also celebrate 20 years of the website, with a look at at the beginning in 1997.

You can join us live on YouTube or on the front page of Wrestleview.com after RAW 25.

  • …Well, the 25th Anniversary of Raw started off the only way it could…Vince getting Stunnered. XD

  • JFJ

    I think Sasha might be eating soup in catering after that kick from Asuka.

  • JFJ

    Is it just me or did Undertaker seem a little choked up there? He could barely get out the words “rest in peace.” That might have been his true retirement announcement. They could go another way with though and make it that he was acknowledging those RAW competitors that have passed away.

  • Tha Real McCoy

    Taker- “They all tried… they all failed.” except lesnar and reigns

  • Tha Real McCoy

    Daniel bryan was NOT a raw manager, and shame on bishoff for doing this LIBERAL LAME SCUMMY ” yes “chant

  • Once again Askua exposed as having no real talent. He strikes don’t come close to landing. This show has been beyond dull overall

  • …Okay, what was the point of all that build up just for Matt to lose to Bray all over again?

  • Scott Bastien

    To “prove” that a non WWE created gimmick can’t work?

  • Zach Steven Whitlow

    Well also realize it is a no win situation because if Wyatt loses, then his fanbase will whine about he can never win the important matches. But when he wins, you hurt the credibility of Matt’s new character

  • Zach Steven Whitlow

    That is how you make someone a big deal. Have him look strong against the face of your franchise on the biggest RAW in recent years. Kudos to the presentation of Elias

  • Shayne Ritter

    How does this make sense, they cheer Bishoff huge yet they still boo Roman

  • Tha Real McCoy

    you right, they should boo DANIEL BRYAN, that little gremlin liberal dipsh*t

  • JFJ

    That was really nice to hear Triple H mention the late great Ravishing RIck Rude and even more so to hear him mention the late great 9th Wonder of the World Chyna. May they both rest in peace.

  • Jamie Stidiford

    So Roman loses the I/C title which leaves him to win the rumble and face Lesner at WM.

  • can someone explain to me what the point was of having the shows in 2 different places if one of them was barely gonna be used JR and jerry lawler sounded bored half of the time but than again calling a 3 hour show sounds kinda exhausting so they were prob relieved

  • Jb Mcmanus

    So Matt can eliminate him Sunday 50/50 booking.

  • Alex

    It is only you. Get your ears checked. Undertaker is in great shape right now and can fight one more match

  • Len Biz

    What a lame show! No storylines…nothing original. The Revival was merely “The Ascension” part 2! Cram all these past wrestlers into 5 second cameos! Waste a bunch of time on the stupid card game. What a waste of having Jericho there. Truly a pathetic show for all the hype!

  • Anonymous

    Amen to that

  • Dwaun Marshall

    Alexa Bliss will hold on to the Raw Women’s Championship; until after Wrestlemania; until Payback or Summerslam this year;, because Asuka surely won’t win if they turn it into a regular title bout without stipulations and if they turn it into a three way or four way, Nia Jax may be the only one to be booked strong against her friend, but no one else can dethrone the Goddess.

  • Anonymous

    I actually agree with him. IF he were to fight another match, who do you think it will be Sting?

  • theFranchiise

    Says a ton when Austin gets the biggest pop of the night without saying a word. No one has truly yet reached his level. I’m looking forward to when someone finally will. And he and Vince fall into old hat like it was yesterday.

    “I live in a retirement home.”. Line of the night.

    Rest of RAW, with the exception of Miz’s win, Elias/Jericho and Elias/Cena, was lackluster and boring.

    No Rock? No Bret Hart? No Big Show? No Lita? And the DX segment was missing Diesel… Where the heck was Kevin Nash??

    PS: Scott Hall… Dude.

  • Carlos Javier Hernandez Paz

    The Revival just came back from injury and they got Ascension’d

  • Alex

    Cena or sting

  • SteelCity1981

    the shows opening started off with a bang, but it went downhill from there. i really expected alot more seeing as this was the 25th anniversary of raw esp with all the hype about it for the past 2 months.

  • pacs

    “Tatanka is a proponant of Icopro”.

  • Haydn Barker

    If you read stuff on here youd know Nash couldnt make it as he couldnt fly after his recent surgery. Same with Bret Hart. Rock likely had other things going on, its life, you wont be able to get everybody. I must admit I was surprised Lita wasnt there though.

  • Haydn Barker

    Asuka can and will.

  • Haydn Barker

    How about you leave your political crap on the other places where you hang out.

  • Haydn Barker

    Id boo Bish, never rated him and didnt like him as a person when I met him in Scottsdale. Roman wouldnt get my boos, more of a shrug.

  • Haydn Barker

    Go back to the cesspool with the rest of the 45 lovers.

  • Moonsaves

    Daniel Bryan was general manager for a night.

  • Colby

    Sting noted that UT had no interest in a match with Sting the multiple times it came up so I guess that leaves Cena?

  • aces

    what a piss poor 25th … just a redo of absolutely everything we all seen a million times

  • NJ Louch

    Oh man, you’re trying really hard, aren’t you. Cute!

  • Headman

    This was a very weak show and shamefully booked for the other arena.

  • OC O

    RAW 25 was awesome last night

  • J™

    Overall it was a good show other than it felt kinda rush…

  • Shayne Ritter

    same here

  • Glenn Wolf

    very disappointing we got that vacuous skank smelly kelly rather than lita, aj lee, melina, eve, beth…etc etc etc

    would’ve been nice to see a little segment on those that have fallen, Eddie G, Test and the others.

  • inmytree81


  • Tha Real McCoy

    I know you got a hard on for bryan

  • Tha Real McCoy

    and still he wasen’t worth sh*t

  • Tha Real McCoy

    go to hell with your 45 rapists or whatever the hell you talkin bout

  • Tha Real McCoy

    bryan dosen’t leave his political crap, so don’t tell me what to do

  • Tha Real McCoy

    so is are taker’s speeches, and yet they completely inaccurate

  • JFJ

    A Smackdown Live guy will win the Rumble and Reigns will earn his match against Lesnar at Elimination Chamber.

  • NJ Louch

    Aw bless your heart. You really are trying to be something aren’t you. I hope you find out quite what and who that is one day 🙂

  • Tha Real McCoy

    yeah sure whatever NJ…Douche

  • NJ Louch

    Keep trying to paint that picture of yourself that you want others to believe. One day you’ll find out that you don’t need to, you’ll be comfortable with who you are and learn how to accept yourself. Until then I hope you find a glimmer of hope in each day 🙂