10/29 Smackdown: Fun main event

Alex Kahrs reviews WWE Smackdown for 10/29/15

WWE Smackdown Review (Layin’ the Smarkdown)
October 30, 2015
By: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

Hello Wrestleviewniverse and welcome to your All Hallow’s Eve edition of Layin’ The SmarkDown! After taking the week off to go work up the mountain, I am back with a vengeance to talk about the first SmackDown after the brutality (match and booking wise) that was Hell in a Cell!

Wyatt Promo: Creepy, and absolutely brilliant per usual. I’m very intrigued by this potential Survivor Series angle, and the gradual acceptance of his challenge for SmackDown was fun to watch. More on that later. I am excited to see Erick Rowan back in action, his addition to the team makes the Wyatt Family all the more dangerous.

Roman Promo: Was not terrible. Wasn’t great either, which made me kinda gleeful to see Kevin Owens interrupt. Good back and forth to set things up for their match here.

Reigns/Owens: Hard hitting as you can expect, great back and forth action between the former Hound of Justice and the current Intercontinental Champion. Brilliant booking of Owens having enough for one night and taking off; he’s a prize fighter, and the prize of beating Roman wasn’t worth the hassle to him at this point.

Ambrose Segment: Simple but effective, the first guy to step up to Bray Wyatt’s challenge for this show. Also, “Boo Dallas” was entertaining, and I don’t care who knows it. #BOOlieve

Tag Team Terror: Loved loved LOVED this match, and the New Day promo before and commentary during the chaos. Lucha Dragons pick up an impressive win, and it’ll be pretty cool to see where they go from here.

Dean/Cesaro Segment: Again, nice setup for the six man tag match. The use of horror references was a little odd, but I’ll say that these guys pulled it off. Also, “Boo Dallas” everyone! No? Okay.

Trick or Treat Street Fight: More enjoyable than it had any right to be. Man, this match was fun. Good job to Miz for actually doing some good work here, as did Ziggler. No shenanigans from Breeze during the match, but the beatdown after more than made up for it. I’m so glad Tyler Breeze is on the main roster now.

Paige/Natalya: Fun, to say the least. Really enjoyed how this rivalry plays into the bigger “Divas Revolution” angle by way of the Team B.A.D. interaction. Great stuff.

Dean/Ryback Segment: And now we know who the third man is for the main event! Not exactly “Hulk Hogan is the third man” shocking, but as Dean said, “he’ll do.”

ADR/Zeb Promo: Here’s my gut reaction to this angle…I think it’s dumb. Pairing up Zeb with Del Rio is dumb, in my opinion. Zeb (and his charge Jack Swagger) FEUDED with ADR a couple years ago. Come on, WWE. Then again, I have my issues about ADR that are completely separate from all this. That said, as I’ve tried to do many times before with WWE booking, I’ll give this angle a chance.

ADR/R-Truth: I almost forgot R-Truth was still employed. Good to see he’s around. This was an okay match.

Boo Dallas/Mark Henry: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #BOOlieve

Six Man Tag: Great stuff from the Wyatt Family and from the makeshift team of Culinary Swing Fringe (No? Okay, I won’t make that a thing). Fun main event, very curious to see how this will connect with the story they’re telling with Wyatt “taking the souls” of the Brothers of Destruction.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Layin’ The SmarkDown! What did you think of the show? Are you digging what they’re doing with the Wyatt Family right now? Did you enjoy New Day’s mock commentary even half as much as I did? Do you BOOlieve? Leave a comment or come bug me about it on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks!

Until next time, this is Alex Kahrs reminding you to be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes!

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