1/14 Smackdown: #ThankYouMauro

Alex Kahrs reviews WWE Smackdown for 1/14/16

WWE Smackdown Review (Layin’ the SmarkDown!)
January 14, 2016
By: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com


Welcome to the first Layin’ The SmarkDown of 2016, Wrestleviewniverse! A new change of scenery is here as I share my thoughts on what went down this week on SmackDown! I’d like to thank Adam for covering me on occasion as I deal with some stuff, but we’re here now so let’s enjoy this moment shall we?

Opening Promo: Great stuff from Ambrose, Sheamus, and Owens here. I’m very excited for the Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble, and Sheamus vowing vengeance for the staples he got on Monday put a lot of value in the tag team match set for later.

Tables Match: This was pretty fun to watch, all told. No technical wrestling here, just a ton of brawling leading to the finish and post-match attack by the Wyatts. Hearing Bray’s voice, as though he’s watching from wherever he might be, was a nice touch.

Kalisto Interview: Good to hear what inspired Kalisto to continue on the journey to become a WWE Superstar, and I was quite happy to see him win the US title on Monday night.

Eight Man Tag: I enjoyed this probably more than I should have. I like the idea of these four guys coming together, and frankly I enjoyed the antics of this match. The finish where Slater gets knocked down (but he gets up again!) was pretty funny, and I look forward to what they continue to do with these guys.

ADR Interview: Short, sweet, to the point. I like this ADR, he’s much more intense than “MexAmerica” Alberto Del Rio.

US Title Match: Great, GREAT match from both guys here. Bummed that Kalisto didn’t hold on the title longer, but I’d be okay with this feud continuing for a while longer. This was fun. Side note: Mauro putting Lawler slightly on blast by recalling the MMA fight he called featuring ADR was fun. Dunno why Lawler needed to play the heel type commentator just to make fun of Kalisto’s size, but I’m kinda glad he was put in his place at times.

Sting HOF Package: I’m super excited to see Sting being inducted this year, and I can’t wait to see who else they announce!

Becky Lynch Interview: It’s weird to see that the friendship is finally over between Becky and Charlotte, but this is promising as far as a feud for the title goes. Should be a fun one!

Bella/Lynch: Good match for what it was. Again, looking forward to the Becky/Charlotte feud, and Becky looked good as ever in this match.

Main Event: All four guys delivered on Thursday night, in what was a great match to end the night. I continue to be impressed by the work of Owens and how far along Sheamus has come since the recent changes to his gimmick and attitude. Neville and Ambrose were both great, as well. Meanwhile, King continues to be annoying on commentary with the short jokes, and Mauro in particular continues to put the HOFer in his place. #ThankYouMauro

Well, that’s it for this week! What did you think of SmackDown? Are you digging the build to the Royal Rumble? Are you as glad as I am that Mauro not only gives great commentary, but makes Lawler’s dumb jokes look even dumber? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks and until next time, this is Alex Kahrs reminding you to be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes!