Marty Scurll reportedly worked at the recent New Japan Strong TV tapings

Marty Scurll reportedly worked at the recent NJPW Strong tapings

According to F4WOnline, Marty Scurll worked the recent New Japan Strong television tapings held in California.

Dave Meltzer at F4WOnline couldn’t verify the story from Emily Pratt at Fanbyte that Scurll was involved in a post-match angle with Rocky Romero. 

It was said in the report that due to non-disclosure agreements, information has been hard to verify. 

Fightful first reported Scurll’s involvement with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Pratt reported that Scurll was at the January 22 NJPW Strong TV taping. It’s unknown at this time how many shows he will appear on and when they will air.

The following is below from Emily Pratt’s report:

“The source said that while everyone working on NJPW Strong signs an NDA about the content of the tapings, there was no extra secrecy about Scurll’s involvement: “They weren’t trying to hide him.” The source says they were surprised by Scurll’s involvement, saying “I thought we were going to be the company that wasn’t booking these guys to get some buzz. They’re going to get buzz alright, but probably not the kind they’re looking for. And it just reeks of letting things slide because these people are all friends or whatever.” They added that “I really just think fans should know his involvement beforehand, so they can choose to tune in or not.”

Scurll took a booking role with Ring of Honor in January 2020.  However, during last summer’s #SpeakingOut Movement, Scurll was accused of a sexual assault by a woman who was 16 at the time, which happened in 2015.  Scurll did admit to the encounter, but did say that what happened was consensual, due to the legal age of consent in the United Kingdom. He later then said in his second statement that while he didn’t become aware of the woman’s age until after the encounter, and that the reality of the age disparity is not lost on him.

Last June, Ring of Honor announced an investigation into accusations made against their contracted talent, including Scurrl.  While the findings of investigations never where made public, several ROH talent were quietly removed from the company’s roster page including Scurll. 

This past January, ROH announced that the company and Scurll mutually parted ways.

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