Oliver Luck files new court brief stating the XFL fired him for a “Sinister Purpose”

Oliver Luck files new brief in against XFL and Vince McMahon

According to a report by Sportico, Attorney’s for former XFL Commission Oliver Luck filed a memorandum of law in Connecticut Federal District court that bashes Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment as “corrupt and deceitful.”

The filed brief alleges that McMahon “violated his duty of good faith…to ensure that Alpha did not manufacture spurious or dishonest grounds on which to terminate Mr. Luck for the sinister purpose of avoiding payment of all compensation to which he was entitled upon a termination without cause.” Luck insists that neither McMahon or Alpha Entertainment provided him with written notice of any alleged wrong doing, or an opportunity to cure alleged violations.  

The report also notes that last Friday, attorneys for Alpha Entertainment told Judge Victor Bolden that Luck had made unauthorized emails containing sensitive XFL information to his brother-in-law and NFL agent, William Wilson. Alpha also contends that Luck misused his company phone and failed to a release Antonio Callaway, who had a “bad reputation” that were in violation of the XFL policies.  

According to Luck’s filing, a “for cause” firing requires a high showing by the employer.

Luck insists that neither McMahon or Alpha provided him with written notice of any alleged wrong doing, or an opportunity to cure alleged violations.  Luck also asserts that McMahon made a personal and binding guarantee that he would be paid. It was further noted that the two sides are said to be in dispute over whether Alpha lawfully fired Luck “for cause,” which cost Luck the remaining $23.8 million of his five-year, $35 million contract. 

Luck’s filing also indicates that he is filing a separate motion to leave in order to submit a third amended complaint, wwhich he promises will contain “additional details of defendants’ bad faith conduct” against Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment.

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