SPOILER: Talents backstage at Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando

According to multiple wrestling media reports and confirmations on Twitter by either the talents themselves or by Anthem Sports and Entertainment Executive VP Ed Nordholm, the following talents are said to be backstage and/or will be debuting at tonight’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando.

* Alberto El Patron (former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio).

* Former TNA Knockouts Champion ODB.

* Rachael Ellering (daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering).

* Former WWE and TNA producer Bruce Prichard.

* Former WCW, TNA, AAA star/producer and current The Crash co-promoter Konnan

* Current WWE star Paige (seemingly there in support of fiancee Alberto El Patron)

* Mexican wrestlers Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid (who has worked for US indie AIW recently)

* Independent wrestlers Kevin Matthews (co-head of WrestlePro, former WWE developmental talent), Kongo Kong (has worked for GFW and US indie AAW), Fallah (works for WrestlePro) and Mario Bokara (works for WrestlePro).

In a report by PWInsider.com, it is said that Impact Wrestling has also reached out to former TNA stars Magnus (who has worked for GFW) and Low-Ki about coming in to the company, but there is no confirmation that either of them are backstage. Former TNA Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher, who had recently returned to the company, mentioned on Twitter that she will not be appearing at this week’s tapings.

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  1. Paige is going to get her ass fired and her movie is going to be not allowed to film with WWE anymore if she keeps this up. She really doesn’t understand the business she grew up in.

  2. That was when John Gaburick was running creative . It’s actually looking pretty bright for IWA(Impact Wrestling Anthem)

  3. There were numerous reports out in 2012 across the internet, including on this site, that the reason for The Knockouts’ time being greatly reduced on TV and its role being greatly reduced in TNA was because of Prichard and his prejudice against women’s wrestling. Many of the Knockouts pointed the finger at him while asking for their releases & Pro Wrestling Illustrated even had an article on it at the time.
    I also have to disagree that things are looking bright for the company formerly known as TNA. After reading the spoilers for the 3/2 tapings, it looks to me like business as usual

  4. The El Patron thing was to get people talking and it did exactly that get people talking. First time in a while they did shock tv. As for it looking bright back when Bruce Pritchard was with TNA he didn’t have a leash, now he has one. Things will be different this time around. They did everything right except for the world title. After El Patron relinquished the belt, they should have had a tournament for the title. All former Impact Wrestling champions could compete in it. Crown a new champion and build your main event around guys who’ve held the title moving forward would be Lashley, Abyss, James Storm, EC3, Eddie Edwards and Alberto El Patron there’s nothing wrong with how they’re doing things. Going forward these are all impact wrestling guys now. I would have done ot differently but I’m not complaining about it either.

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