SPOILERS: 3/2 Impact Wrestling TV tapings for Pop TV from Orlando

The following was taped on Thursday night in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

3/2 Impact Wrestling TV tapings:

* Xplosion: ODB def. Laurel Van Ness.

* The show kicks off with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards brawling from the back and into the crowd. Security separates both of them.

* Jeremy Borash comes out and informs Josh Mathews that some changes are taking place within Impact Wrestling. Borash reveals he is now joining the commentary team.

* Reno Scum def. Bram and Kingston.

* Braxton Sutter def. Marsche Rockett, DJ Z and Caleb Konley.

* KC Quinn vs. Brandi Rhodes never took place. Cody Rhodes says Impact will not “pimp out” the Rhodes. Rosemary then shows up and attacks KC.

* Bruce Prichard cut a promo saying how this is no longer the same company and that the old TNA is dead. He referred to the new regime as “new owners, new management and a new name.” Prichard talks about top quality talent and introduces the current World Champion Lashley. Former WWE star Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) interrupts and informs Lashley he hasn’t beaten him. EC3 interrupts and says El Patron can’t just show up and get a title shot. Lashley refuses to fight EC3. Lashley vs. El Patron is boked.

* Dutch Mantell (former WWE star Zeb Colter) came out and cut a promo sitting in a scooter similar to his run in WWE. He talked about his love of wrestling and mentions his previous involvement with the company. Mantell brought up AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, Bobby Roode, Kevin Nash and others all leaving. He said they left because of a lack of leadership and wants to make Impact great again.

* Cody comes out and demands to see Moose. Borash informs him that Moose is in Japan. Cody tosses the GFW NEX*GEN title inside the ring and does a sit in.

* Gaza Jr. and Laredo Kid def. Eli Drake and Tyrus.

* Sienna def. Rachael Ellering.

* Alberto El Patron def. Lashley to become the new World Champion. Lots of confusion with this finish as it featured two referee bumps and a belt shot. EC3 watched from the ramp. Alberto left with the title as the TNA officials argued.

* Eli Drake vs. Moose never place as Cody Rhodes attacked Moose backstage. Cody brings Moose out on stage and gives him the Cross RHodes.

* Xplosion: Trevor Lee def. Caleb Konley, Andrew Everett, Idris Abraham, Marsche Rockett and DJ Z.

* Xplosion: Angelina Love def. Angel Rose.

* Moose def. Cody by split decision to retain the Impact Grand Championship.

Source: PWInsider.com

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  1. Aw, man. My worse nightmares made flesh; not only is Él Pátron on Impact, but he’s the Champ! Siiiiiiiiighhhhh.

  2. Even worse, they brought back Bruce F*CKING Prichard, the incompetent, misogynist @sshole who failed miserably as the talent relations manager & sabotaged the Knockouts Division during his 1st run there and the fat idiot still can’t keep himself off TV. Dutch Mantell is back too so at least between him & Jeff Jarrett they have some semblance of competent booking backstage. But so far, I’m not seeing anything that’ll make me put TNA back on my DVR.

  3. Bruce Prichard cut a promo saying how this is no longer the same company and that the old TNA is dead.

    Yeah, AND YOU’RE ONE OF THE ASSHOLES WHO KILLED IT YOU WORTHLESS, INCOMPETENT, MISOGYNIST PIECE OF SHIT!!!! You along with Hogan, Bischoff, & Russo; the other 3 heads of selfish incompetence! Who the unholy hell decided to bring this stupid motherf*cker back??!! Does no one there remember how he botched his job as talent relations manager the first time? Or how he deliberately sabotaged the Knockouts to give himself TV time because he’s a sexist, misogynist shithead? F*ck you Anthem!! You meatheads are just as stupid as Dixie was!
    Like Mr. Chaudoin here said, Same old shit. I was a fan of TNA from 2004 up until Tag Team Apocolypto but now I say if Jeff Jarrett & Dutch Mantell can’t turn this company around, just shoot TNA in the head & put it out of its misery. It’s just beyond pitiful now.

  4. Don’t fault Jarrett too much. This has the stench of clueless Anthem empty suits behind it.

  5. Agree on everything being said here but I saw on another that Jarrett was the one who said to bring Brucie’ back – I’m a fan of Jarrett and really do feel him and Dutchie’ were by far the best booking structure in TNA BUTJarrett has favorites that don’t always serve the business best – say what you will about Dixie but 2 of out the 3 times Russo was with the company that was due to their close relationship which goes back to when Russo was big on Jeff in WCW. I figure he would have involved Russo in GFW in the industry / marks weren’t so low on Russo. In another words I do believe when I read this was a Jeff decision, this one is probably true.

  6. Perhaps this one decision tho won’t hold as much weight if they keep Bruce’s power small and veto when necessary and just use the ideas that may work.

  7. Another WWE reject. Shocker. Notice how TNA keeps signing these people after WWE has gotten out of them what they needed (EC3, Galloway, Rex, Rhodes). I think it is only a matter of time before talent realizes that TNA has 0 direction and 0 true leadership. I realize Jarrett is now back as a consultant but to me this is just saving face and trying to look good for PR. IT is a sinking ship that just needs to be swallowed.

  8. yeah but something tells me he didnt try to stop it either. i mean pichard and jarret are long time friends and all of a sudden he is back after jarret becomes head consultant…..

  9. So I watched some TNA last night…. from 2006, and it was awesome!!! Then I read the spoilers of this shit they produce that they still call “TNA” and I had a good laugh. Sounds like the same nonsensical garbarge they’ve been putting out in recent years.
    I feel bad for James Storm though. He should be world champ, a great talent & TNA-original that stuck it out with this shitty company for so long. Not only do they put him in a shit faction (yup, the DCC are already lame & becoming jobbers) but they shit on him by giving another WWE guy the world title on his first night. I wish he would have stayed with NXT. Abyss deserves better also, that guy put his body through hell over the years. F#&k TNA!

  10. WhatCulture has a show called WTF Moments when they go over all the weird and wacky and puzzling things that happen on RAW, SmackDown, special events, etc.. When old booking habits rear their ugly head, they have a “New Era – Same Old Shit” graphic that they flash. They don’t cover Impact over there, but if they did, I have a feeling they’d be using that graphic a lot.

  11. Impact has a bizarre fascination with not only hot-shotting ex-WWE guys to Championship gold, but also turning them heel for no real reason. You’d think the shine of that old trope would’ve dulled a bit in the last fifteen years, but I guess now that Jarrett is back, he is consulting someone to buff that turd till it glows.

  12. But at least Galloway, Rex, & EC3 were seen as under-utilized talents by most fans the world over who could shine if given the chance to once they were out from under WWE’s booking idiocy. You’re right about Alberto though. Another ex-WWE main eventer no one really liked that much who has now been automatically given the TNA title.

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