SPOILERS: 3/3 Impact Wrestling TV tapings for Pop TV from Orlando

The following was taped on Friday night in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

3/3 Impact Wrestling TV tapings:

* Before the tapings began, Jeremy Borash told the audience that Alberto El Patron didn’t actually win the World Championship at the tapings the night prior and that the title was vacated/returned to Lashley to reverse the decision.

* ODB def. Rebel.

* Trevor Lee def. Andrew Everett, Braxton Sutter and Suicide (in the former costume and not that Manik costume).

* It was announced that the Tag Team Championships are officially vacant and a fatal four way match was booked involving the teams of Abyss and Crazzy Steve, the returning LAX (featuring New York tag team EYFBO with Homicide and Konnan), Reno Scum (billed as the Global Force Wrestling Tag Team Champions) and Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid.

* Davey Richards def. Suicide.

* Shera, Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid def. Idris Abraham, Fallah Bahh and Bokara.

* Reno Scum def. Decay.

* LAX def. DCC (James Storm and Bram).

* Xplosion: Angelina Love def. MC.

* World Champion Lashley def. Jake Holmes.

* Karen Jarrett is introduced and talks about wanting to take the high road in her return. EC3 interrupts and refers to himself as the locker room leader in the company. Josh Mathews takes a shot at Karen thanking her for putting the “JV team” with him. Mathews said all the people in attendance only showed up because they couldn’t afford NXT tickets. Karen ends up slapping Mathews. Madison Rayne shows up (Josh’s wife) thanking him for what he said.

* Laurel Van Ness def. Rachael Ellering in a match taped for a One Night Only PPV.

* Rosemary def. Santana Garrett.

* Alberto El Patron def. EC3 to earn a shot at the World Championship.

Sources: PWInsider.com, The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

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  1. It feels to me like old TNA (pre-hogan) but with many of the same (older now) talent and the start of the re-push of ex-wwe talent. They do have a lot of new faces and faces who weren’t around then and a ton of talent but overall, I would have liked to have seen a fresh approach rather than a recap of talent in storylines that feel like it’s been done – I.e. LAX back, Konan back with LAX, Angelina back, ODB is back, Suicide is back, Karen Jarrett back in charge of women KO’s like she never left, Prichard back, they tried to get Bully Ray back, rumours are Matt Morgan is returning soon and they are trying to bring Magnus in – Alberto coming in as the ex-WWE talent with a big push as has Cody. Dutch is back (which I’m happy about), Jarrett is back (which I think / hope is a good thing), Kevin Sullivan (not the wrestler) is back, they are talking about possibly doing something with Corgan again – am I off-base or does this feel to you like TNA trying to reverse time rather than create something new?

    I want to give this the benefit of the doubt as a reboot has so much potential and hopefully it’s a short re-hash and then becomes innovative but putting the old stable in innovative storylines?

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