SPOILERS: 3/4 One Night Only Knockouts Knockdown PPV taping

The following was taped by Impact Wrestling on Saturday in Orlando at Universal Studios.

3/4 One Night Only Knockouts Knockdown PPV:

* The company continued to use “TNA Wrestling” on all the big screens.

* Jeremy Borash kicked off the taping announcing the show would feature eight prospects against 8 Impact Wrestling stars. Winners will meet in an 8 woman tag team match at the end of the show.

* Former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim is introduced and announced she wouldn’t be competing, but is excited to see the action. Borash introduces the prospects noting that two were “Wild Cards” as they had competed for Impact Wrestling before.

* The prospects/wild cards include: KC Quinn, Leva Bates, Amanda Carolina Rodriguez, Alisha, MJ Jenkins, Santana Garrett, Rebel and Rachael Ellering.

* Angelina Love def. KC Quinn.

* Leva Bates def. Allie.

* Diamante w/ LAX def. Amanda Carolina Rodriqugez.

* Rosemary def. MJ Jenkins.

* Alisha def. Sienna.

* Wildcard: Santana Garrett def. Brandi Rhodes.

* Wildcard: ODB def. Santana Garrett.

* Main Event: Leva Bates, Alisha, Santana Garrett and ODB def. Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, Angelina Love and Diamante. Alisha pinned Van Ness.

* After the main event, Karen Jarrett announces that they have signed Alisha to a contract with Impact Wrestling.

* Xplosion: Garza Jr. def. Mario Bokara.

* Xplosion: Adam Thronestowe (of Reno Scum) def. Bram.

Source: PWInsider.com

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  1. It appears they also omitted the fact that JB said Rachael Ellering was being tended to due to a backstage incident.

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