SPOILERS: 3/5 Impact Wrestling TV tapings for Pop TV from Orlando

The following was taped on Sunday from Universal Studios in Orlando.


* Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid def. The DCC, Reno Scum and Fallah Bahh and Bokara.

* ODB and MJ Jenkins def. Angelina Love and Laurel Van Ness.

* Mahabali Shera def. Fallah Bahh.

* Reno Scum def. Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid.

3/5 Impact Wrestling TV Tapings:

* Alberto El Patron won a squash match.

* Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews set up their teams for their 8-Man Tag match. Team Borash is Alberto El Patron and the return of former TNA stars Magnus and Matt Morgan, as well as former WWE star Chris Masters, now known as Chris Adonis. Team Mathews is Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake and Tyrus.

* James Storm wins a fan vote to get a World Title shot. EC3 comes out to complain.

* Allie and Braxton Sutter def. Sienna and Kevin Matthews. Kongo Kong debuts after and lays out Sutter, while Laurel Van Ness comes out and attacks Allie.

* Andrew Everett def. Suicide, Gregory Shane Helms and Marshe Rockett.

* Davey Richards def. DJ Z. Richards and Eddie Edwards brawled after, along with Angelina Love and Alisha.

* Team Borash def. Team Mathews in a 8-Man Tag. With the win, Mathews is off the commentary team. Team Borash chased Mathews to the back after.

Source: WrestlingINC

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  1. Why is the commentary team getting so much attention? You couldn’t spend all the time you have on Josh Matthews putting over an actual member of the roster?

  2. Please God let that be the end of Josh Mathews on commentary FOREVER, his whiny voice makes me want to put my fist through walls repeatedly. On a positive note looking forward to seeing Gregory Shane Helms wrestling again.

  3. So, with Double J running things again and bringing in GFW guys is GFW dead? Was it even alive to begin with? I see a possible invasion/merger angle coming. Who is really in charge at TNA?

  4. Not sure if I’m correct. But wasn’t Suicide the former Manic. And weren’t they TJ Perkins? I may be way off. Seems like Christopher Daniels was in the mix to.

  5. GFW isnt Dead. what is happening is Impact is now one of the companies in the relationship of GFW along with New Japan, WWP, WXW, and more. They will all be working together and you will see stars from all over get involved.

    I was at the TV tapings for the first 2 days and I can tell you there were a number of titles from other companies while there

    Cody Rhodes- GFW NEX GEN Title
    Fallah Bahh & Bokara- Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles
    Reno Scum- Future Stars of Wrestling Tag Team Titles

    This is what I was hoping for Global Force and they are doing it thru Impact for the Time. Separate Wrestling Companies coming together and GFW working, not as a Governing Body per sae as they get to work separately, control their titles, and maintain their own names (unlike in the NWA), but serve as an umbrella of bringing wrestlers from feds across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

    Trust me, give it a chance and watch the upcoming shows, you will enjoy it alot.

  6. Yeah, Josh is pretty bad. Don’t know why they had him replace Mike Tenay. I actually thought Tenay was pretty good, him & Don West were a pretty decent pair.

  7. He’s been in 3 segments in about 6 taped shows and one of those segments was a match that he wasn’t in that’s 8 members of their roster was…..Logic?

  8. No you are correct. The Suicide character has been portrayed by Daniels, Kazarian, and TJ Perkins in the past. So I honestly have 0 idea who is portraying the character now.

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