Alberto El Patron and Paige to be married this week, Alberto comments

Former WWE and current Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) announced via social media that he is to be married to current WWE superstar Paige.

Many controversies have surrounded the two in both their professional and personal lives as well as criticism over their relationship. Patron addressed this criticism and announced that the two will be married this Wednesday.

“I doesn’t matter how many times you try to break us… is not gonna happen…we were harassed by a company we still are… cause you don’t fool me MF’s I know I was you trying to destroy us…We are getting married Wednesday …Have a nice and go and F… yourself hatters”

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  1. He’s saying the WWE is who put it out there, I wouldn’t doubt it. Which is why they won’t do anything to Xavier, its a freak cult anyway where shit like this happens all the time you just never hear about it usually. How much other freaky shit is going on they probably have videos for everyone in case they get out of line…

  2. There are wedding announcements… and then there’s this. I should have gone to him for wedding planning when I was taking the plunge.

  3. If u are saying that WWE leaked Paige’s private photo then I think the company would not have stoop this low just to destroy 1 individual who already has nothing to do with them.

  4. No way WWE leaked it. They have money invested in the movie about Paige and she is still on their roster, still being paid. If they wanted to, all they would have to do is cut her loose and be done with them. They never tried to bury any other talent who went to TNA/IMPACT, so why does Del Rio think he’s on their radar? Paranoid much?

  5. he’s saying nothing of the sort. he’s on about them “hassling” her over the drug/prescription issue etc.

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